If you’re paid any attention at all to OneDrive for Business, you’ll have noticed a plethora of updates, announced on September 30, 2015, around the next version of it and what’s coming. Rather than a bunch of links, I figured I would provide a brief blog post containing all the resources and information I’ve seen today.

The New OneDrive for Business – Here’s The Story

  1. The Introduction: Meet the new OneDrive for business
  2. The Chapter on Sync: I Sync Therefore I Am…. The broken sync client has been rewritten “from scratch” based on the personal version of OneDrive, which in my personal experience has been WAY better.
  3. The Mobile Experience: New crowd-pleasers for our iOS and Android users. Sorry Windows Phone Users, this is only for iOS and Android. Also, this one is out today! I’ve already downloaded the updated iOS app and so far so good.
  4. The Browser: The browser experience in OneDrive for Business gets a makeover. Not to be left behind the browser experience got an overhaul as well. I haven’t had a chance to play with this yet, so no feedback from me one it.
  5. Protection and Security: Extending our IT control and developer options with OneDrive for Business. Unlike the Facebook hoax going around, this isn’t going to cost you $5.99 and require you to post an update to a newsfeed in OneDrive. This is all about the new controls and options extend to the IT Prod and Developer audience.
  6. Protection and Security (Part 2): Expanding data loss prevention (DLP) to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Windows File Share and Office applications
  7. The Conclusion: How do you get all this stuff? Go sign up for the waiting list

Current Status

  1. New OneDrive for Business Sync: Sign up for the waiting list
  2. DLP for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Office 2016: Rolling Out

See it in Action

Microsoft has been following the Lotus F1 Team and their use of Office 365. In the next release in the series see how the Lotus F1 Team Uses OneDrive for Business and DLP