I meant to write this blog post early, but all I can say is man…what a crazy few weeks and I feel like we have many more ahead of us.

But, back to the task at hand. A few weeks back we the Collab365 GlobalCon1 virtual conference. A weeklong event packed with some great sessions. I did one all about using SharePoint, Power Automate, Azure Automation (PowerShell in the cloud) to help manage Sprawl within your environment. If you want to catch a preview of the session, check out the YouTube video below. This is the first few minutes of the full session I did for the conference.

In this session, I talked all about managing your Office 365 environment. Managing your Microsoft Teams lifecycle, both creating and removing Teams, managing users in Office 365, even generating reports about what’s going on your environment. It was a session designed to get the wheels spinning in your head about what’s possible as well as give you some practice ideas you can go implement today. If you want to view the whole session, it’s included in the all-access pass that you can purchase here.


Next up, GlobalCon2! It’s right around the corner and will be packed with a bunch more Microsoft Cloud sessions. I’m not sure the extent to which I’ll be involved there, but the FREE registration is live! We’re also going to be introduction cage matches, a friendly live debate/panel where we’ll weigh the pros/cons of various technologies in different situations…things Yammer vs. Teams. Or OneNote vs. Wikis (in Teams). If you’re interested in being a part of one of these panels, let me know via the contact form on my site.

If you aren’t able to make it, but still watch to watch it, you can also grab the All-Access Pass for GlobalCon2 ahead of time at a discounted rate!


You can grab the Ultimate All Access Bundle that includes all the content from ALL of the past Collab365 Conferences (That’s 90 sessions and over 1,000 pages of ebooks)  for the bargain price of only $239

So, we have everything from free to the ultimate bundle. No matter which you choose, I guarantee you’ll pick up some valuable content around moving forward in whatever path you’re on with the Microsoft cloud!