Here is your chance to join me for a session or two on PowerShell and and SharePoint AND win an awesome prize! I’ll be presenting two sessions at the Live!360 Conference in Orlando November 16 – 20. The two sessions are:

Both of these sessions will be jam packed with examples, but even better…

The Contest

I want examples that will be relevant to you and what you’re doing! Here is how you can win:

  1. Go to this site:
  2. Provide a description of the script you want me to write and demo (it must be in line with the session)
  3. Select the appropriate session for the example (on the form) – the links above have session descriptions.
  4. Attend the session and if I use your example in my demo, you win!

The Prize!!

I haven’t decided yet, but I guarantee it will be good! A couple options are (in addition to walking away from the session with a script specific to your need that you can take back to your business and use!):
– Dinner on me and with me if you want to pick my brain over a meal
– Some free consulting hours
– A really cool prize that I’ll go out and purchase ahead of time to give away.
– Feel free to comment on this post or contact me via social media if you have any other ideas or you have a preference of the options list above.

The Details

It’s that simple! Since you may not know if I use your example in my session or not you’ll have to be present to win. I’ll announce the winner in my session* (there will be at least one winner in each session – assuming I get some submissions). Also, since there is a good chance I won’t know your face, some type of proof will be required that you are who you say you are (business card, attendee badge, etc.)

*If you want to remain anonymous (you don’t want me to announce your name on stage) just let me know with the example and I’ll contact you via email.

Bonus Prize for Everyone!!!

You can save $600 on the 5 day conference registration by using the code LSPK78 when you register here –