Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Web Parts Bug?

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After about 5 hours of irritation and troubleshooting, it appears there is a bug in Visual Studio 2012 when creating visual web parts. I don’t think this is the first visual web part I created with VS2012, so I’m not sure if this is a bug that has always been there or was introduced with an updated. But, here it … Read More

Including Web Parts in Your Page Layout

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Recently some work I was doing required me to include some default web parts in a page layouts.  I understand you can do with a custom site definition, but frankly, I prefer to stay away from those.  So I set about doing it right within my custom layout and here is how I did it. I started off with Andrew … Read More

SharePoint 2010 List – Require File Attachment

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While working with a custom list the other day I had the task of requiring file attachments to a custom list item. I know what you’re thinking, just create a document library with metadata. This was a little different however in that not every list item needed a file attachment, it was only list items that had specific options chosen … Read More

Using JavaScript on your Office 365 Public Site

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A couple months back I was working on an Office 365 public facing site and needed to add some JavaScript to the site.  In this case I was just trying to add Kontactr to a page.  I know, once of the gadgets with Office 365 is  Contact Us, however it is missing the CAPTCHA, something I really enjoy having to … Read More

Hiding Folders in a Document Library View Using Powershell

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I’ve been doing a lot of work with Powershell and SharePoint lately.  One of the things I’ve been doing is building out several list/document library views with Powershell.  In some of those views, the client has wanted to just see all of the files in a flat file structure (rather than having to drill through the folders).  I actually struggled … Read More

Integrating External Document Repositories with SharePoint 2007

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Ironic, the day after I publish the link to the Documentum vs. SharePoint article, Microsoft releases an MSN article on integrating the two :).  So, for more information on how to integrate SharePoint 2007 with external document repository systems, such as Documentum, see the links below: Integrating External Document Repositories with SharePoint Server 2007 Code for Integrating External Content Repository … Read More