I’m Still Here

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Microsoft Ignite Keynote News

Despite the lack of updates to my Blog over the past few months (other than the quick one around IRM), I’m still around. I’ve just been really bad at blogging. That doesn’t mean I’ve been lazy though. Just to give you a snap shot of what I’ve been up to (which also means what you have to look forward to … Read More

Fundraiser for Children of the Promise (COTP) in Haiti

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Bike For Haiti

This is a drastic departure from my normal technical blog posts, but something I really want to share. My Brother-In-Law has put together a bike ride across Haiti later this month to raise money for Children of the Promise. My company, Intelligink has the privilege to sponsor the ride by providing the entire cycling team with jerseys for the ride. … Read More

Goals for 2015

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I’ve never actually written a “goals” post before. This year I figured why not give it a try and see how it goes. I’ve broken them down into two categories, personal goals and work goals. I also didn’t want to bite off too much, so I figured I would keep the list relatively short. Also, by publishing this list on … Read More

Changes to my Social Networks and what I Post

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With how much time I spend online I’m a several different social networks; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being the most active. I also spend sometime on Google+, however, to date I do very little there and have very few friends, family or co-workers that use it. there are a few other networks I use a little bit as well. Those … Read More

Comcast – My Nightmare turned Horror Story about these Crooks

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[Update 2014-10-09] Just received a call from Comcast Corporate and received much better service than when I previously spoke to the retention department. Comcast, just a bit of advice, if ALL your employees were as accommodating and have the ability to service your customer like the corporate office, you would have much better customer service reviews. So, after all this … Read More

Orchard, Intelligink and Baby

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It’s been a while since I posted anything, so although this won’t be anything directly related to SharePoint, I figured I would write a brief update about what I’ve been up what’s going on. The New Blog Some of you have already noticed, or may be noticing right now, that I’ve switch my blog hosting. I used to be using … Read More

Printing PDF Files on the Microsoft Surface RT

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So, I’ve had the Microsoft Surface RT for about a week now and overall it’s been a great experience, but that’s not the point of this post. Most things have been intuitive, but a few have not. One of those was printing PDF files. The biggest thing to remember is the right “charm bar” (screen shot right) is contextual. ​So, … Read More

Windows 8 RTM on a MacBook Pro

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So, I did it, installed Windows 8 RTM on my MacBook Pro as soon as I could after it showed up on MSDN. For those of you wanting to do the same: The Laptop Configuration First of all, I have a MacBook Pro 13″ Mid-2010 Model, 8 GB of RAM and I upgraded the hard drive to a 512 GB … Read More

Windows 8 on a MacBook Pro

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Some of you that follow me may know I’ve struggled with getting a stable version of Windows 8 running on my MacBook Pro. I’m happy to report that I finally have it working. The key was the comment from Jorge Estrada here – http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-hardware/macbook-pro-feezinghard-lock-at-random-intervals/20e17970-7e81-4c1d-ab17-022097908e82?page=2&tm=1343738807669. If you want to read a little more about the issue and Microsoft’s attempt (it didn’t … Read More

My Thoughts on Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface (the new one)

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I’ve had multiple discussions, been involved in some Facebook commenting and done some reading and have come up with some thoughts and I’m just curious what others think.  For those of you SharePoint readers, this will be a slight deviation from my usual posts. Windows 8 – Personally, I like it.  I’m glad to see Microsoft moving forward in their … Read More