Backup your QNAP Device to Azure

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Today I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the Microsoft Cloud Show ( and was reminded about Azure Cool Storage, something I read about when it was first announced a couple weeks ago, but hadn’t a chance to try out yet. I’ve been running my QNAP backups to hot storage for a few months now, but just … Read More

Azure Premium Storage is Expensive

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Just a quick post on something I found this month (when I ran out of Azure Credits). Azure Premium Storage costs add up in a hurry. I know, MS outlines all the pricing here – and I should have seen it coming, but sometimes the tables don’t meen anything until you can finally comare it with what you already … Read More

All about the Office 365 Video Portal

Ben Steginkoffice36514 Comments

When the Office 365 Video Portal was released I jumped on the opportunity to play with it as I’ve been looking for something like this. This started out as just documenting my first experience with the portal and has turned into a whole lot more. So, this is going to be by far my longest blog post. For those of … Read More