Ben SteginkBen is the owner and chief cloud consultant and architect at Intelligink, where he focuses on the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud – Microsoft 365 and Azure.  He has 15+ years of experience with SharePoint and 9+ years of experience with Microsoft 365. Since starting Intelligink, he has worked with professional sports organizations, government organizations, and organizations ranging in size from as few as 5 employees up to organizations of several thousand employees spread around the globe. He holds several certifications in both Microsoft 365 and Azure and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, providing training on both Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Ben co-hosts the MS Cloud IT Pro Podcast where he discusses the latest technologies in the Microsoft 365 and Azure space from an IT Pro point of view. You can find him on twitter @benstegink or LinkedIn at

Other places to keep up with Ben and what is going on within Microsoft 365 and Azure are the Intelligink YouTube Channel and the weekly Intelligink newsletter, the MS Cloud Report.