Wow, time flies! It’s October already and that means October’s Office 365 webinar is right around the corner. For the month of October, we’re still working through some of the “Getting Started” webinars. This month, on October 25, the webinar will be Getting started with Office 365.

Getting Started with Office 365 Overview

Just a quick overview, while I realize this may seem similar to September’s webinar while I talked about my top 5 things to consider when getting started with Office 365, it will be quite different in a few ways.

  1. September was 30 minutes this will be 60 minutes…ok, so I realize content-wise that says nothing, other than we can look at more 🙂
  2. Slides vs. Demos – While I did manage to fit a couple really quick demo’s in during the September webinar, it was mostly slides. October, to be honest, might be an intro slide, a contact/question slide and the rest all demo’s. I’ve done this presentation before where it was 100% demos and might do this one the same way.
  3. Bullet points vs. walking through the process – September, I had 5 distinct bullet points we covered. October will be walking through a general process of getting started with Office 365 and considerations as you go through the process of getting going with it.

So, all that said, I hope you’re join me on October 25 at 1:00 PM EST for “Getting started with Office 365”, or, if that time doesn’t work, register anyway and watch the replay.