With how much time I spend online I’m a several different social networks; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being the most active. I also spend sometime on Google+, however, to date I do very little there and have very few friends, family or co-workers that use it. there are a few other networks I use a little bit as well. Those of you that follow me on those networks can ignore this post. Nothing in here effects you. Across the networks I use heavily, I tend to have different audiences:

  • Facebook: Friends and Family, a few work contacts
  • LinkedIn: Work Contacts, a few family and friends
  • Twitter: A mix of everyone, but primarily work
  • Blog: Whoever happens to subscribe to my RSS feed

Previously, I posted pretty much the same stuff everywhere. Occasionally posting something to Facebook that didn’t make it onto any of the other social networks. Taking all of that into consideration, I’m changing my posting habits and wanted to alert everyone going forward so they know how to keep up with the aspect of my life they are most interested in.


This is where the biggest change will be. This will become nearly 100% personal stuff. This will be the place I will post pictures, what’s going on with the family and what’s going on outside of work. The only exception might be some business type stuff that I think friends may find interesting. Examples might be stuff like:

  • A business related TED Talk
  • A blog post around Getting Things Done (GTD)
  • Information about Goal Setting, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, etc

Stuff that pretty much everyone can benefit from. What won’t be making into my Facebook posts is:

  • SharePoint
  • Azure
  • Other Technical posts that only a select few of my Facebook Friends might find interesting.

What if you follow my technical stuff on Facebook? Two options:

  1. Follow My Company Facebook Page, Intelligink https://www.facebook.com/intelligink. You’ll notice I haven’t posted there in a year. That will be changing quickly
  2. Follow me on Twitter, https://twitter.com/benstegink.


This will be all business and technical stuff. This might be slightly different than what I post now as I won’t be posting any personal Facebook stuff or random Twitter stuff. If you’re connected with my on LinkedIn and enjoy what I post there, don’t worry, it won’t change.


This will be a combination of business and maybe some personal stuff that I don’t care about who sees it. Due to the nature of Twitter and everything being open, I don’t tend to post as much personal information there and it will continue to be that way. As will LinkedIn, if you’re happy with what you see on Twitter, have no fears, the content won’t change.


No major change here, yet. I’ll continue to blog the same type of posts about SharePoint (or anything else I feel like). However, I am really enjoying Azure as well lately and you’ll start seeing more and more Azure blog posts starting to show up here. Keep your eye on the blog for some cool stuff that I have in the pipe!! When I write a new blog post, the social network that “market” the new blog post on will adhere to the guidelines specified for each network.

A little product plug for Buffer

This all came about when I started playing with Buffer – https://bufferapp.com. Such a cool tool I can’t believe I haven’t done this before. I also just upgraded my account to a paid account. I’m now using Buffer to manage nearly all of my posts. It integrates nicely with Feedly as well as a plugin for both Firefox and Chrome. This allows me to more easily post and schedule posts to my various social networks. So, instead of a bunch of twitter posts as I’m doing my daily blog reading, these posts will be spread out throughout the day. It also lets me pick and choose which social network each post goes to enabling me to post something to any combination of social networks. It also allows me to post something immediately rather than scheduling it for a later time. The benefits of using Buffer to post immediately is I can post to several network at once as well as receive the benefits of the analytics shown in Buffer. Lastly, buffer allows me to use my own URL shortner, spben.me, that have setup using bit.ly.

And with that, thanks for following me, no matter what social network your on and hopefully this change will allow you to better view the updates from me that you’re most interested in.