Despite the lack of updates to my Blog over the past few months (other than the quick one around IRM), I’m still around. I’ve just been really bad at blogging. That doesn’t mean I’ve been lazy though. Just to give you a snap shot of what I’ve been up to (which also means what you have to look forward to in the near future), I figured I would give you a quick blog post of a few projects I’ve been working on:


I’ve been busy with clients, both SharePoint as well as some Office 365 Implementations. Need to keep paying the bills 🙂

Recording my first ever Training Course!

That’s right, soon you’ll be able to get more of my via video training. I just wrapped up recording a class on “Implementing Office 365 – Requirements and Getting Started” for Opsgility. So…head over to their site and sign up for a subscription so you can watch my course as soon as it’s published, which will hopefully be soon.

This was my first experience recording a training course. I had a lot of fun, but believe people when they tell you it’s a lot of work. That took up a lot of time over the past 3 months

Global Azure Bootcamp

A couple of weeks ago we held the first ever Global Azure Bootcamp here in Jacksonville. It was a great event with an awesome turn out! We had nearly 40 people show up for a Saturday to learn all about Microsoft Azure. Which leads me to my next topic

User Groups

I continue to be involved with JaxSPUG, but am starting to transition out of the president role and hand the reigns over to Scott Hoag. It’s been an awesome 5 years running the group and I’ll still be involved, just not in charge 🙂 So, with all that free time, I’m working with Scott and a few others to get a Cloud Based User Group up and running in Jacksonville, building on the momentum from the Azure Boot Camp. We’re hoping to hold our first meeting in June or July. Right now we have a survey out there to get feedback from all of you about what you would like to see in the User Group. If you have a few minutes, we would love to get your feedback here


So, that’s just a brief snapshot of what I’ve been up to…besides all the personal stuff, family, friends, vacations, updates around the house (aka a pool). I have more blog posts I need to write, so hopefully you won’t see quite the delay between blog posts.