First of all, I realize I’m a little behind on this post.  The truth is I started it over a week ago.  The day after I started it, I lost my access to TechNet.  It was a weird glitch with TechNet and I never found out what it was, but I was able to get to it again about 2 1/2 days later.  As Murphy’s law would have it, shortly after that I had computer problems that let to a format.  But finally, here it is:

Microsoft has add an stsadm reference on TechNet allowing you to navigate through the stsadm commands with both WSS and SharePoint.  You can filter commands are not in the UI, which commands were new with SP1, SP2.  You can also view al the commands with a key that lets you see the same thing as the filters above.

The commands are also categorized so you can see which commands are available for Import and Export, General, Features and Solutions, etc.  But, enough with my babling, go check it out for yourself!!