That’s right, Microsoft latest ravamp of their search engine is not available and it is called Bing.  Go check it out and  First off, I’m glad they changed the name from Live to Bing.  Live Search just wasn’t unique enough.  I’m interested to hear others thoughts on the name change as well.I haven’t had a ton of time to play with the search, but the little I have done has seemed to be pretty good.  Results from a search are similar to Google but not exact, which is to be expected.  For all I know at this point in time, they could be better.  I think a presupposition that Google is always right has been developed over the last few years, and who’s to say their search results will continue to be the best?  I think every new search that comes along should be tried and evaluated as you never know when something better might come along.  With that said, I’m definitely going to give Bing a shot.

Lastly, I do think it is rather interesting how similar the Bing interface looks to the Google interface.  This is the biggest thing I’m not a fan of…not because I don’t like the interface, but it would be nice to see MS come up with an interface unique to their own.  I understand, Google’s interface works for them, people like it, so why not model after their interface…it would just be nice to see a unique search interface some out of Microsoft as well, who knows, maybe something unique and different could be better that Google’s…you never know.