That’s right, I’ll be presenting at the North American Collaboration Summit in Branson, MO again this year! It’s coming up quickly April 2 – 4 so make sure you get your ticket soon. It’s bound to be a great few days of sessions and workshops! If you want to know a little more about my sessions, head over to the website and check them out, or keep reading below. Oh, and if you want to register and save $50, use the coupon code “Stegink” at checkout!

Stay in control of Teams, don’t let your users run wild!

Thursday’s session is going to be a fast pace session all about Microsoft Teams governance. Coming from a SharePoint background, I’ve seen sprawl. Now enter Microsoft Teams in the cloud. The potential for sprawl and data leakage increases even more. It may be through the SharePoint sites storing the files, chats and conversations in Team, or just how quick and easy it for users to create new Teams. Join me for this session and walk away with various strategies and ideas for how you can protect your data and prevent sprawl within Microsoft Teams.

Your Office 365 environment by the numbers

Are people using Office 365? What are they using in Office 365? Where are they accessing it from? Microsoft provides several options for reporting on Office 365 out of the box. In this session, we’ll take a look at what’s there that you should be taking advantage of. But…that’s not all!! What if those reports don’t include the data you’re looking for? We’ll also show you how to use other services in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem to create some of your own reporting solutions. Join me for this session so you can learn how to keep an eye on everything happening within your Office 365 environment!

Don’t forget, save yourself some $$

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Hope to see you in Branson, MO in April!!