I’ll be speaking at Live! 360 Orlando, November 12-17, 2017. Live! 360 is an event full of industry professionals and immediately provides you with usable training and education that will keep you relevant in your field.

I’ll be presenting the following sessions:

·  All about PowerShell for SharePoint – This session will be all about writing PowerShell for SharePoint. We’ll go over the difference between the two platforms when it comes to PowerShell. We’ll also look at how you can leverage PowerShell to automate tasks and make a broad change across your environment that may impact multiple sites.

·  Fast Focus: The 5 PowerShell Tricks for SharePoint You NEED to Know – In this 20-minute flash focus session you’ll come away with my top 5 PowerShell tricks that are a must when writing scripts for SharePoint.

·  Workshop: Deploying Office 365: Soup to Nuts – you’ll learn everything you may possibly need know about deploying Office 365 to your organization (or at least almost everything). We’ll cover topics ranging from standing up a brand-new Office 365 tenant to Exchange migrations. We’ll cover deploying Office 365 ProPlus to you end users, as well as how to configure Azure AD Connect and ADFS.

SPECIAL OFFER: As a speaker, I can extend $500 savings on the 5-day package. Register here: http://bit.ly/LSPK79_home

Specific Office 365 deployment and planning questions? Have a task you want automated?

If you are going to be at the conference and thinking about rolling out, or in the process of rolling out Office 365 or if you have a specific question regarding Powershell; let me know in the comments or send it to me via the contact page and I’ll try to incorporate it into the session.

All roads lead to Live! 360: the ultimate education destination! Bring the issues that keep you up at night and prepare to leave this event with the answers, guidance, and the training you need.  Register now: http://bit.ly/LSPK79_reg