My favorite Slide Show for SharePoint has been updated.  There is now a 2 that was released on October 24th.  The updated slide show can be found here.  To use it in SharePoint, the instructions will be slightly different than 1.  The first thing you will notice is that the release download only contains a single file, Vertigo.SlideShow.xap.  This actually make configuring this one quite a bit simpler.  You still need a data source, either a Data.xml file, a Flickr site, or some other custom data provider.  However, the html file is much simpler.  The only code necessary is:

This will use the Data.xml file.  If you wish to use Flickr, see the documentation on the download site to configure Flickr.  Everything else is the same as 1 in terms of getting it to work in SharePoint.  Just place your .html, .xml and .xap file in a document library, point Data.xml to you image, and place a Page View web part on the page you want your slide show on and point it to your .html file containing the code above.  I’ve already implemented this update on my blog here.  I’ll try to get an actually SharePoint example up somewhere soon.