Just a quick blog post, if you have a SharePoint Development Server that you happen to have installed Office 2013 on, you may run into issues when installing a Cumulative Update.  I recently installed Office 2013 on my SharePoint 2010 Development Server.  Tonight I went to update to the February 2013 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010.  The installation worked just fine, but when I went to run the configuration wizard, I continued to fail on step 2 of 10 with an error about failing to initialize the upgrade.

Did a little searching and found a forum (I can’t find it again right now or I would reference it) talking about an error with SharePoint 2010 and the Office 2013 Preview on the same server.  They were getting a much more specific error, but I figured it was worth a shot.  So, I uninstalled Office 2013, rebooted my server, started the configuration wizard and it ran without any issues.

So, moral of the story, for now if you’re working with a SharePoint 2010 Development Server and need Office on it, stick with only installing Office 2010 Products.