​I can neither confirm nor deny this is a SharePoint bug, but
it is something I have received the same results from on three different
farms.I would be curious if others have
encountered this or have any insight into the issue.

So, what exactly is the issue?When running a search crawl, you get an error
similar to The crawler could not communicate with the server.Check that the server is available and that
the firewall access is configure correctly.Now for the unique part, you get this error when crawling the Gantt
chart view/page on any of your sites.


I’ve found that every other view/page in the list is crawled
fine and there are no other issues crawling the content.If you have multiple lists with a Gantt chart
view, you get this issue for every one of them.

For now we have just inserted a crawl rule to exclude any of
our Gantt chart views.The sites are
created from templates so every view as the same name, so in our case it is
relatively easy.However, I know this
isn’t the case for everyone.

So, has anyone else experienced this?Does anyone know if this is a known bug
within SharePoint search or if it’s just a fluke that I experience it in 3
different SharePoint 2010 farms?I would
love to get some feedback on this.