So, The SharePoint Conference hasn’t even started yet, but I’ve managed to get some pictures as my wife and I have been enjoying a few days together out here before the craziness of the conference hits.  Here are our experiences to date.

My Wife Excited for the Disneyland Private Party (yes, I bought her a ticket too so she could join us)
IMAG0167.jpgThe SharePoint Conference banner hung at the convention center
IMAG0168.jpgAnaheim GardenWalk (lots of good restaurants around here)
IMAG0169.jpgThe top item on my Christmas list in the LEGO storeIMAG0171.jpgThe floor of the our hotel (the Marriott Anaheim)
IMAG0170.jpgThe mountain view from our hotel room
IMAG0177.jpgThe start to EPC Group’s booth
IMAG0180.jpgThe booth much closer to being completed, almost ready for the start of the conference tomorrow.
​So, there you have it…the our Pre-SharePoint Conference experience in pictures.  I’ll do my best to keep blogging and posting even more pictures thoughout the conference.  If you’re out here and readin this feel free to stop buy the EPC Booth or shoot me a tweet (@SharePointBen​).  Hope to see you!!