I went camera shopping with my mom the other day and bought myself a new toy. I’ve always wanted a Canon Digital Rebel and with the new XSI having just come out, I figured maybe I would get that one. After spending about 2 hours talking to the “camera experts” I changed my mind and purchased the Nikon D60 kit with a couple lenses, one 18 – 55 and the other 55 – 200.

A couple things led to this decisions, one of them being the price. Being new to the digital SLR world, the lower entry point was a seller as I try out the camera and get more experienced. The Nikon has all the main features I need to get started in the digital SLR world and spend months, if not years learning about it. If at some point in time I find a feature I don’t want, and badly need, I’ll consider the upgrade.

One thing Canon is making a big deal about on the XSI, is the new LiveView feature. It’s a cool feature, but for the type of pictures I usually take, it was impractical for me. The focus speed is incredibly slow, and most of the “point-and-shoot” type modes, you can’t even use live view for. It only comes in handy when doing manual photography of still objects, portraits, landscapes, etc. The XSI does have 2 extra megapixels (12 instead of 10), but at this point in time, the 2 extra megapixels wasn’t worth the extra price.

Anyways, that was my choice and just a couple or reasons behind the choice I made, maybe I’ll continue to post more about the camera and what I’m learning, or maybe I’ll get back to writing more SharePoint stuff (like my next blog post). I’ve been rather delinquent in writing about SharePoint and need to start picking it up again. Anyways, if you want to see pictures, the best place to see them will probably be any one of the 4 locations, this website on the pictures page, my Picasa Web site, my Facebook page or my LiveSpace Page. Good pictures I try to post to all of them, sometimes pictures will just show up on one or two.

A Sunset in Houston, TX