The other day I upgrade my blog from WordPress 2.3 to 2.5. So far it’s been working really well and the upgrade was nice and simple. The new backend user interface is much nicer. So far my favorite feature has been the ability to upgrade pluggins right from the admin pages rather than downloading the pluggins and uploading them manually.

There are still a couple of my pluggins that an automatic upgrade doesn’t work for, but overall it’s a very nice improvement. Maybe one of these days I’ll switch over to blogging on a SharePoint site, but for now this is cheaper and has been working well.

I’m sorry I haven’t had many new posts in a while. I’m in the transition between BlueGranite and EPC and haven’t had much to write about as I make that transition.

The most exciting thing I’ve done in the last few weeks was attend a JOG meeting with John Holliday, MS MVP. The topic was a custom SharePoint solution for auditing in WSS and MOSS. Keep an eye on his blog for the sample code and some useful tools for developing SharePoint solutions.