This is still very much a work in progress, but I wanted to get it out there so people that are interested can check it out and give feedback. I’ve started moving my PowerShell script repository to GitHub (that are free from specific client information) from the OneDrive Folder they were in –

I’m hoping to accomplish a few things with this:

  1. Create better source control and documentation for my own use. The OneDrive folder worked great for a while, but it was time to move onto something better.
  2. Enable easier sharing with all of you. I could great a Shared OneDrive folder and provide a link to everyone. However, Github allows you to more easily see what I’ve updated recently, view documentation, and easily clone the repository to your own environment.
  3. Provide an easier URL/location to get the scripts from when working on a client server and I want a script that I had previously written.

This isn’t all of my scripts by a long shot, I’m still in the process of cleanup up OneDrive and the scripts and figuring out what I can share and what sitll contains client information. As I move the scripts, I’m also trying to clean them up and create them all as fucnctions and document them to make them easier for you to use. I’ll continue to move scripts from OneDrive to Github as well as write new ones. I’ll try to blog any significant updates I make to the respository as well.

If you want a specific script or have any questions about any of the scripts already here, feel free to reach out via any of the methods on my blog. If you’re looking for a script to do something specific I’ll see if I already have the script written your looking for and just haven’t moved it yet.