Ok, so it’s been a REALLY long time since I last posted (at least for me). I’ve been completely buried with work for the last couple of months. Hopefully I can get back to posting a little more frequently again.

As I’m sure you have noticed by now, my blog is no longer hosted on www.benstegink.com using WordPress, but has been moved to www.sharepointben.com hosted on SharePoint Foundation compliments of FPWeb. The move went very well due in large part to the folks over at Metalogix and their migration tools. In my personal opinion they have some of the best SharePoint migration tools available and are a pleasure to work with. The migration of the blog was about as flawless as you could home for migrating from a WordPress blog that I hosted myself to a SharePoint Foundation blog hosted by someone else.

I simply installed their migration tools, set up the connection between my old blog and my new one and copied/pasted the blog posts and comments from one to the other. I had little tweaks to make here and there and set up my old blog posts to redirect to the migrated posts, but the actual content move when great.

Thanks again for the great migration tools Metalogix! Also, if anyone does find any issues with the new blog or is interested in more details around the actual migration process let me know.

Thanks again for bearing through me as I went through the migration and as I continue to improve this site. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get a nice pretty customized theme up here J