A couple of weeks back I did a last minute presentation on Administering SharePoint with PowerShell. Due to the last minute realization that we had a scheduling mixup with the schedule speaker I didn’t have a whole lot of time to put anything together. However, I did put some sample scripts together that I used and we walked through some of them together.

I had a few people that asked for the scripts, so I zipped them up and uploaded theme here – http://spben.me/RDghur for those of you that want to download them and play around with them.

There are 7 scripts in the .zip file. The first one contains links to some of my favorite PowerShell scripting tools and the other 6 all contains various scripts. So, don’t try to actually run the scripts, rather open up each file in a script editor or just with a text editor to view the different lines of script in each file.

Feel free to reach out to me via a comment on this post or twitter if you have any questions about any of the scripts.