Alright, just a quick blog post tonight with an Ignite Day 1 Recap. Lots of news today, a lot of it I covered in my blog post from yesterday, but now I have some links to go along with some of the announcements as well as a few more details.

Also, a reminder. On Thursday Scott and I will also be streaming our podcast, the Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast, live from Ignite. If you’re at Ignite, come watch us live. If not, you can always watch the live stream on YouTube. If you have any questions about any of the announcements from Ignite, or anything about Office 365 at all, hit us up on Twitter @benstegink and @ciphertxt and we’ll try to answer them on the show.

Also, we’re working to line up some interviews this week as well to release on the Podcast in the coming days and week, so keep a lookout for those as well!

News from the Day

So, here is a recap of some of the news from the day as it relates to Office 365. Here is a pretty good article that gives a high level overview of most of what was announced in the keynote. I’ll post some link with more details in the following section.

Microsoft 365

There really weren’t any changes here, just the official post from Microsoft

Bing for Business and Updates to SharePoint Search

This one was actually cool to see a demo of. It really is tying your internal search a public search together into Microsoft continues to move forward with search, and it will be interesting to see this more as it continues to roll out. From the SharePoint side of things, it’s finally bringing the personalized search to SharePoint that was announced back in May. Here is the the official post from Microsoft

Office 365

Training There were some updates made to the Office 365 Training site. Go check it out!
Microsoft Teams

As we mentioned Skype for Business client will eventually be replace with the Microsoft Teams client. We even got to see a demo of PSTN and Cloud PBX working in Microsoft Teams. This is definitely a work in progress and I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes as it starts rolling out.

PSTN Conference – Now renamed to Audio Conferencing – is available as a preview feature in Microsoft Teams

Looking to rollout Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams? Microsoft also made some new announcements around deployment guidance with an Evolution of the Skype Operations Framework into Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice

LinkedIn + Office 365
Not a whole lot more or any in depth details other than Microsoft is starting to populate user data in Office 365 with data from LinkedIn as we mentioned yesterday. Here is the official blog post on this announcement.

Office 365 Usage Reporting
Even more services and reports are making there way into Office 365 Usage Reporting. First is usage reporting for Teams. No real suprise here, as Teams is becoming more of the portal into Office 365, usage reporting here was inevitable. There are also a few other minor adjustments including:
– Reports Read Role: Allow non admins to see and read usage reports
– Office 364 Usage Analytics: The Office 365 Adoption Content Pack for Office 365 is being renamed
– Usage Score (think Secure Score only for Usage)
– Advanced Usage Analytics

Read all the details about Office 365 Usage Reporting

PowerApps and Flow
The big news with PowerApps? You can now use them to customize SharePoint List Forms This will start rolling out next month, October 2917. There are also some additional announcements:
– Easier to author apps and add conditional logic
– Visibility and trust for enterprises
– Coming soon: Embedding in SharePoint, Power BI and server-side business logic

You can definitely continue to see PowerApps continuing to move forward in it’s path towards becoming the successor of InfoPath and even more.

Flow also got several updates that go hand-in-hand with PowerApps. The big one here was deeper integration with SharePoint. Read all about the flow announcements here
This announcement include things like working with additional metadata columns from SharePoint, setting SharePoint content approval status with Flow and adding Flow buttons to Teams. However, the one that really intrigued me here was: “Flows themselves can be surfaced in more diverse ways inside of the SharePoint UI – it will be possible to include a Flow button as a cell on each row of a SharePoint list using the new column formatter, and to launch flows that prompt users for information to use within the flow. All this functionality will complete public rollout in the coming month.” I need to try to find a demo of this, but it sounds like you can now add a “Flow Button” column to a SharePoint list. This would allow you users to launch a flow on a single list item just by clicking a button. Definitely need to look into this one more.

The integration into SharePoint and Office 365 continues to grow. New SharePoint Web Parts, Skype for Business presence now displayed in Yammer a new desktop app, and group insights were some of the announcements around Yammer today. There are also some additional Yammer sessions this week. It will be interesting to see if anything else is announced, especially around the roadmap and future plans for Yammer.

This one isn’t just Office 365, but also Azure. Microsoft announced a preview of a new product, Compliance Manager.
Compliance Manager helps you manage all your compliance from a single location and provides you with things such as risk assessments on Microsoft Cloud services, action insights to help you improve you compliance and aim to help simplifies the complains process. You can also sign up today for access to the preview program that will begin in November 2017

So, I think that wraps up most of the major Office 365 announcements from Day 1. I’m sure there are some I missed, so if you do find one I missed, be sure to let me know in the comments.