That’s right, I’ve just started doing more with video! I’ve been doing various recordings for a while now. Some have been for online conferences such as the Collab365 conferences (speaking of, there is another one next week – registered here), video-based training that I’ve been contracted for, and even some videos just for clients.

However, now I’m moving into YouTube! I have a couple of videos up already with a lot more planned. They are all being posted under my company, Intelligink, and you can find the channel at Once I pick up a few more subscribers I can change it to something more friendly. (Hint: Go subscribe). This will also allow you to be notified of any new videos I’ve uploaded.

Currently, I have some older videos up there, but also a couple of new ones that I’ve uploaded in the last two weeks.

Create your own Microsoft 365 conditional access policies to replace the baseline policies

Getting started with Azure Automation and Power Automate

So, go check them out for yourself, if you like them, give them a thumbs up, subscribe, and let me know of any additional topics you want me to cover in future videos.

Thanks and looking forward to sharing more video content with you in the near future!