I had a client ping me yesterday with this problem.  I popped open my test environment and it worked fine…so what would cause the Link button to disappear at the top of my Issues and Risk lists in my Project Server 2007 Project Workspace within SharePoint?

I figured it had to be a column since it’s a SharePoint list, and everything is a column.  So I opened up my Issues list settings settings in the environment I’m troubleshooting, no column.  I looked at my test environment…there is the column.  Where did it go?  I know the client didn’t just got in and delete on column.  Its not in my site columns anywhere, it’s just gone.  So, I went to my Project Server resource database…Google.  After a short time searching I found this excellent post by Brian Smith.  Sure enough, that was the problem, we had installed all 40 of Microsoft Fabulous 40 site templates and our Project Server 2007 project workspace had been overwritten, therefore removing the Links column.  We went through the steps document by Brian, and presto! We can now link our Issues and Risk in our Project Workspace to tasks in Project Server 2007.

So, for those of you who have this problem, read Brian’s post on how to fix it.  For those of you that are looking to install Project Server 2007 and the Fabulous 40 Templates, don’t install the Project Tracking Workspace solution!