Today Microsoft made two big announcements.  The first being the release of Vista SP2 Beta 1.  This is currently only available on MSDN however.  I’m downloading my copy as I write this and will install it and see how it runs soon.  The biggest improvement that I’m excited about is some changes to improve battery performance.  For other updates you can read the Notable Changes on TechNet.

The second update is to Windows Live.  Microsoft made the announcement today on their Windows Live Team Blog.  By the time you read this, most of the updates will have been completed as they intend to roll them all out over a 24 hour period starting on December 2.  The most exciting update for me personally is to Skydrive.  It is Microsoft online storage site.  Previously they offered 5 GB of online storage space for any files you wanted, music, pictures, etc.  As of today, they are now offering 25 GB of free online storage!!  This is a huge improvement and gives me lots more room to upload even more files as a back up, or larger files that I wish to share with co-workers or friends without having to email them.  There are also addition improvement to skydrive including the interface for navigating around as well as enhancements around photos and slideshows.  I’m excited to utilize this great tool and additional features and space in the weeks to come!