The other day a client had a requirement of putting a link to a quiz about a training video as well as making sure that the user watched the entire video. I thought, why not just put the link at the very end of the video, disable any controls to fast forward the video so the only way the user can get to the quiz is to sit down and watch the video.I did some research, and the only format I discovered that this was reasonable to do it in was to do it in Flash. So, I took the .wmv video from the client, imported it into flash, took a screen shot of the last frame of the video, added it at the very end, and create some text on the image with a hyperlink embedded that took the user to quiz. I bundled it all together into a .swf file. Now the trick was to get it to play in SharePoint. Fortunately, Michael had done this not long ago and posted it on his blog here. Using his solution the video was easily embedded in the page and the client was happy.

Thanks Michael!

For those of you that are interested in just using a downloadable web part to play the Flash, EPC Group offers a free download on their website.