Those of you who follow this blog know I’m a hardware/infrastructure guy…I’m not a SharePoint Developer. However, as a hardware guy, I still like my Raspberry Pi and have been learning a little programming to play with it. Recently, I found an awesome new app for my iPad called Coda. It’s $9.99, but the latest update is awesome and lets me have full control of my Raspberry Pi from me iPad.

  1. Local Files as well as the files on my Raspberry Pi over SFTP 

  2. Viewing file properties with the ability to edit file

  3. Edit a .js file

  4. It even lets to open an SSH session to the Raspberry Pi to use the RaspPi terminal

Yup, it’s a pretty sweet app if you’re hanging out on the couch with your iPad and want to play with your Raspberry Pi for a little bit or update some code. It works to edit other websites as well and can used for a lot more than playing with a Raspberry Pi, but that’s all I’m using if for currently.