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Still some reported problems at least getting Duet Display installed as well as Fortinet Client Updated. For Duet Display the steps I took are outlined down near the bottom of the comments. For Forticlient 5.4.1 if you need the latest version, send me an email (using the email address you want me to respond to) via the contact form: I promise, you wont’ be added to any mailing list and I won’t spam you 🙂

[Update 2016-09-20]:

  • It’s Alive! See my notes from 9/8 and 9/15 as well as those both relate to the gold master bits as well
  • ESET released Cyber Security 6.3 that is compatible with macOS. To install I had to take the following steps:
  1. Open the .dmg download
  2. Right click on “Install ESET Cyber Security” and click on “Show Original”
  3. Right click on Installer.pkg and click Open (just double clicking doesn’t work)
  4. Double Click on Install.pkg, NOT Installer.
  5. You can now go through the normal install process.

[Update 2016-09-15]:

[Updated 2016-09-08]: Current Build – macOS Gold Master (GM) / Release Candidate
This very well may be my final updated. macOS Sierra Release candidate was let loose today and I jumped on the install. Here are my updates:

  • Docker 1.12.1-beta25 work 99% of the time. Occasionally get some errors in the terminal, but re-running the command a second time always works and there haven’t been any crashes
  • DuetDisplay it Works! It wasn’t working initially, but after some tweets back and forth with Duet, an uninstall, reboot, reinstall took care of any issues and all is working as expected.
  • OneDrive continues to be stable and work fine for me. I know people still had occasional problems with some of the betas. Let me know in the comments if there is someone still having issues with GM.
  • Eset Cyber Security still doesn’t work. Would expect an update from them soon that support macOS
  • Royal TSX and Forticlient, see my notes below. There are workarounds for both and I’ve been using both without any issues for quite a while now.
  • PowerShell for Mac has also been working fine for me on both Beta 8 as well as GM. Unless you plan on trying to build the repository yourself. If you just install and use the .pkg file, everything works great
  • Slow Wi-Fi issues with MacOS Sierra: This is an issue I haven’t had, but I’ve received some feedback that this can be an issue. Here is a link to find out more info a out what some have exerpienced as well as a fix if you are experience it –

In summary…you may still find a few minor annoyances here and there, but in my case, there isn’t anything that is blatantly broken or not working outside of Eset Cyber Security. I’m able to perform all my normal activities without being slowed down by something not working or having to work around issues. If you have anything you find not working, feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment so others can be made aware of it as well.

Thanks and enjoy macOS Sierra!

[Updated 2016-08-29]: Current Build – macOS Sierra 10.12 Developer Beta 8 (16A313a)

  • Docker 1.12.1-beta24
  • ScreenFlow 6.1 released and works on macOS
  • Unsupported fix for Duet Display no longer works. However, Duet Display should be working fine at release. Issue lies with Apple blocking certain drivers during beta testing.

[Updated 2016-08-22]: Current Build – macOS Sierra 10.12 Developer Beta 7 (16A304a)

  • Duet Display – infinite loop is fixed, however now it either flashes in the menu bar or doesn’t show at all. Either way, still broken. There was an unsupported fix that works on Beta 7 to unblock the Duet Display driver.
  • Docker 1.12.1-rc1-beta23 (build 11375) seems to be a little more stable
  • Added workaround to the Fix section to install FortiClient 5.4.1

[Update 2016-08-15]: Current Build – macOS Sierra 10.12 Developer Beta 6 (16A294a)

  • Duet Display – still stuck in an install loop
  • Docker 1.12.0 build 8eab29c – Diagnose is all OK, but get occasional crashes

[Updated 2016-09-09]: Current Build – macOS Sierra 10.12 Developer Beta 5 (16A286a)

  • ScanSnap Manager works over WiFi now as well
  • OneDrive for Business Work! I was able to add my account and start syncing again
  • DuetDisplay ( is completely broken, asks to install DuetDisplay after every restart 🙁
  • VMWare Fusion 8.1.1 works with Accelerate 3D Graphics Enabled
  • – distinguishing and selecting what is shared seems to be resolved
  • Citrix Receiver 12.2 (Released August 1)

[Updated 2016-08-01]: Current Build – macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta 4 (16A270f)

  • ScanSnap Manager works over USB: This worked on beta 3, and possibly older as well

[Updated 2016-07-18]: Current Build – macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta 3 (16A254g)

  • SnagIt 4.0.4 fixed any issues I had with previous version
  • Bartender 2.1.0 is working (updated to Bartender is the fix)

[Updated 2016-07-13]: Full Contact 1.7.5 works, Fortinet Client 4.5.1 – Can’t Update

[Updated 2016-07-05]: Current Build – macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta 2 (16A239j)

[Updated 2016-07-05]: macOS Sierra has been out for nearly a month now, this will be kept up to date with the most recent version of macOS. After installing beta 2, I haven’t noticed any changes in app functionality from what is documented below.

I’m a mac guy, I do all my work from a MacBook Pro, iPad Mini and iPhone. Yesterday Apple released the developer preview of the newly named macOS Sierra, version 10.12 (as well as iOS 10). My iPad mini isn’t a business critical device, so I went ahead and installed iOS 10 on that device. So far, so good.

However, because I’m either a glutton for punishment or because I just like trying new things, I went ahead and installed macOS on my MacBook Pro. For those of you that follow me, I figured I would start listing out Apps that work/don’t work/need a fix implemented.

Since I primarily do SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure work, a lot of these will be Microsoft centric.

Don’t Work

  • Royal TSX – v2, v3 beta was fixed with version 3.0.16+
  • ScreenFlow 5.6 -> may not ever work, it’s the old version now
    – Citrix Receiver 12.1.100 (350455)
  • Eset Cyber Security 6.2
  • DuetDisplay

Needed a Fix or Partially Working

  • ESET Cyber Security, download and install version 6.3
  • Skype for Business Public Preview – Myself and others have noticed this to be much buggier with the most recent release (16.0.3036). I’m not sure if these are Microsoft Bugs or macOS bugs as it is still preview. Just be warned. The biggest issues seem to be frequent crashes and not connecting to presentations (you get a black screen).
  • OneDrive Personal – Follow the steps here from Graham Walsh to fix iCloud by resetting your login keychain. Remember, this will clear ALL your saved passwords. You’ll have to re-log in to everything. After doing this, you should be able to relog into OneDrive Personal and have it work fine. Since the initial fix I haven’t had to take these steps again. May work without these steps in the most recent beta versions.
  • Royal TSX v3 beta – Update to latest beta version When first opening the app, if it tries to open an encrypted file (prompts for a password) you may be present with what appears to be a broken app as the dialog pops up to enter your password, but you can’t actually see anything but a great box. Just type your password anyways and hit enter and the app should open your document fine and work as expected.Update: Fixed in Version 3.0.17 (same link to download as above)
    – Word 2016 for Mac Add-Ins – Work for me now on Insider Fast Build 15.26
  • Fortinet VPN 4.5.1 The Online Installer is broken and if you don’t have access to the Offline Installer, you can do the following:
  1. Run the online installer, when you get to the “Install” button that won’t click, open up the terminal
  2. Type Find / -Name "FortiClient.dmg"
  3. Keep an eye on the terminal, it will eventually find it in a strange place that should be similar to: /private/var/folders/rn/2ghblxrd4634n8vq97t74z4c0000gn/T/fctupdate
  4. Run this .dmg file to install FortiClient 5.4.1

These steps worked for me and FortiClient 5.4.1 seems to be working just fine

Working Fine

  • Office 2016 for Mac 15.26+ – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.
  • Lync 2011 for Mac
  • Skype Personal
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (Release and Beta)
  • Wunderlist
  • 1Password
  • Alfred
  • iTerm
  • Crashplan
  • Google Drive
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Webex
  • SwitchResX
  • Better Touch Tool
  • Better Snap Tool
  • ScanSnap Cloud – Can be used as a workaround for ScanSnap
  • Amazon Music
  • ControlPlane
  • Logitech Options
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Apps – Haven’t done a full test, but everything appears to work fine
  • Camtasia 2
  • Snagit
  • Fortinet VPN 4.5.1
  • VPN Tracker 365
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN (v 4.0.00051+)
  • Sublime Text (2 and 3 beta)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Quickbooks (for use with Quickbooks Online)
  • Slack
  • FullContact (1.7.5+)
  • SnagIt 4.0.4+
  • Bartender 2.1.0+
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive for Business
  • VMWare Fusion 8.1.1
  • (
  • Parallels 12
  • ScreenFlow 6.1
  • Docker 1.12.1-beta25
  • zsh
  • PowerShell for Mac

I think that’s most of them for now, I’ll continue to update if I figure out a fix for something that isn’t working or as any other status of an app changes. Overall, everything works much better in this beta than it has in previous betas. Also, with the apps that do work, I’ve been able to work around any issues with apps that currently aren’t working. So, other than some minor annoyances, I’ve still been able to perform my work without any headaches causing me to want to revert back to OS X El Capitan.