[2015-08-2015 Update]:
I’ve been meaning to update this for a while…while the process below should still work, updates Microsoft has made to OneNote for Mac over the last few months now allow you to Open a Notebook from SharePoint which will work for open a OneNote Notebook from both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

[Original Post]
So you want to add a OneNote notebook in your SharePoint Site to OneNote for Mac?  If you’ve ever tried to just go to Open, I’m sure you’ve noticed you can only select OneDrive or OneDrive for business.  Fortunately, I ran across this little “hack” accidentally the other day.

  1. You need to either have access to OneNote 2013 (it may also work with 2010) or know somone with OneNote 2013 that has access to the notebook you want to open.
  2. Yourself or them should right click on the notebook and then click “Copy Link to Notebook”
    Copy Link to Notebook
  3. If someone is doing it for you, have them email you what is copied.  If you are doing it yourself, just create a new email, Word Doc, or anything else that will recongize your hyperlink within Mac OS X.
  4. Click the Link with the Name of the NoteBook. NOT the Web View
    Create Clickable Link to Notebook
  5. Bingo! You now have this notebook opened in OneNote for Mac!
    Notebook added to OneNote for Mac

Now it would just be nice to Microsoft Update OneNote for Mac to be able to click Open and browse any SharePoint Site to Open a Notebook.