Ok, so I’m giving in and joining everyone else who is posting about the exciting new feature of Visual Studio 2010 that were recently released on the SharePoint Team Blog.  This is an early list of what has been mentioned so far.  I’m sure there is much more to come, but this should wet your apatite and build your excitement for the next version.

  • Server Explorer for SharePoint viewing Lists and other artifacts in SharePoint directly inside of Visual Studio
  • Windows SharePoint Services Project (WSP file) Import to create a new solution
  • Added a new web part project item and showed the Visual web part designer which loads a user control as a web part for SharePoint
  • Showed adding an event receiver for SharePoint and using the wizard to choose the event receiver and to just create a source file with that event receiver.
  • Added an ASPX workflow initiation form to a workflow project and showed how this workflow initiation form has designer capability
  • Showed the packaging explorer and the packaging editor which lets you structure the SharePoint features and WSP file that is created

I’ll continue to post about upcoming features as I learn more!