I’ve actually done it, a SharePoint Administrator writing a web part.  Granted this web part is in it’s earliest stages, but it performs the task I needed it to.

So, what does it do? It’s a very simple SharePoint 2007 web part (So far I have only tested it on MOSS 2007 Standard Edition) that takes a URL (must be absolute at this point in time) and the name of a SharePoint Calendar list and displays the events on the calendar for the given week.  It can be placed on any page or site within your web application and query a calendar on any other site.

Also, the key issue that got me writing this web part is that is correctly handles recurring appointments on your SharePoint calendar.  If you have recurring appointments, this web part will show the correct start and end time for ONLY the recurring event in the current week rather than the end date for the last recurring appointment.  Here is a screen shot displaying the web part returning a variety of different events scheduled in the same week.


Granted, it’s nothing fancy, but for me it was a big deal coming from a SharePoint Administrator background.  There are also lots of bugs to it and errors that aren’t properly handled.  But, it’s a start.

If you want to play with the web part, you can download the solution file below.  Just remember, it’s free, it’s my first real web part and there are definitely several bugs.  So, if you choose to try it out:

1.  Don’t complain about it not working the way you want or about bugs…remember it’s FREE.

2.  If you do find a bug or have suggestions to improve it, I welcome the comments and suggests and we’ll see what I can do as time allows.

3.  There is no warranty, guarantee, etc, etc…pretty much, I’m providing it free as is.  If you choose to install it in your farm that is your choice and your responsibility.  By downloading this web part you are agreeing not to hold me responsible for any negative effect or impact it has on your SharePoint environment.  Again, if it does something weird, feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to help you, but there are no guarantees.

If you still choose to try the web part you can download it here.  To install and use the web part:

1.  Download the .wsp file

2.  Add the solution to your farm

3.  Deploy the solution

4.  Activate the Site Collection Feature Upcoming Events Web Part

5.  Add the web part to your page

6.  Open the Web Part Properties and in the respective boxes enter an Absolute URL for the page where your Calendar List is located as well as the Calendar Name.

7.  Click OK.