Just a quick post on something I found this month (when I ran out of Azure Credits). Azure Premium Storage costs add up in a hurry. I know, MS outlines all the pricing here – http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/storage/ and I should have seen it coming, but sometimes the tables don’t meen anything until you can finally comare it with what you already have running.

I finally got accepted into the Premium Storage Preview and though I would spin up some machines with Premium Storage to do some testing. I spun up a DS3 mahcine, attached a couple of disk and started my testing. Did a few quick test, more detailed tests/results are coming next month, and shut down the VM. Today I got a notification about being out of credits (and that my spending on my account had reached a certain level) so I figured I would go see where they all went.

Here is my resource usage (sorted from highest cost to lowest cost).


As you can see, Premium Storage consumed a high ammount of dollars across my subscription with few units consumed.

And here is the burn rate of my credits/dollars spent, guess when I started playing with premium storage :).


I can confirm the storage is fast and in some scenarios will probably be worth the spend, but based on what I’ve seen this month on my Azure subscription you’ll want to insure you’re ready to spend the extra money if you want to use premium storage over the standard storage.