Just this morning, I was working with a client who had some errors pop up in their SharePoint farm.  I looked at the Windows Event log and didn’t find a whole lot of helpful info.  So, I moved on to the ULS logs, to my dismay, they were almost all 0 KB with a couple of files that were 2 KB or 3 KB.

I opened up the files that appeared to have some text in them and found the following entry:

08/20/2009 10:38:58.08     wsstracing.exe (0x07A0)                     0x07CC    ULS Logging                       Unified Logging Service           uls1    Monitorable    Tracing Service lost trace events.  Current value 5.

Naturally I went to Google with my error as I had never seen this before and found this blog post: http://weblogs.asp.net/jimjackson/archive/2008/05/13/sharepoint-logs-tacing-service-lost-trace-events.aspx by Jim Jackson.  I restarted the Windows SharePoint Services Tracing service just as he suggested and bingo! My ULS logs started recording events again.  Thanks Jim!