I was doing some work for another client this week and they wanted a Slideshow in SharePoint that would rotate through a set of pictures. SharePoint has a web part that will allow you to display a picture on a site and you can start it as a slideshow, however, it won’t automatically loop through a set of pictures. To solve their problem I used this application create in SilverLight. I know, it’s another browser pluggin to install. But it really is a cool Microsoft Project and can do some very cool stuff. I liked the application so much, I installed it on my blog, you can see my photo albums here. It isn’t a true SharePoint web part as it just using JavaScript and SilverLight. To use it in SharePoint, all you need to do is upload all the configuration files into a document library and then put a content view web part on the site you want your photo album on and point it to the html file in your document library. You can put the photos in another library and point your Data.XML file to the picture in the document library. It works for now. My next project when I get more time is going to work with a co-worker to add to the code so that a Picture Library in SharePoint can be used as the data source for the Photo Album so you can eliminate the Data.XML file when using the application with SharePoint.