I have some disappointing news. I was unable to get my alert issues and PerformancePoint issues worked out before I ran out of time. I gave it a go after the last couple days, but was unable to fix the issues. I found what appear to be some of the issues within the database, but wasn’t able to get the tables rearranged correctly to get it all working. I gave it a good try on Friday, but due to time constraints I had to resort to disconnecting from my server farm, creating a new farm, and re-attaching all my content databases. I hope to rebuild an environment where I can give this another try soon. I’ll keep the updates going about my progress on this issue and if anyone else has any pointers or tricks that I have missed and can add to my work on this, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll make sure it gets included.

I’m sorry again that I don’t have better news after all this workL