This coming Tuesday, November 3, I’ll be giving a presentation at the Jacksonville Florida IT Server Group (JaxFISG) on the Basics of PowerShell for SharePoint. We’ll go over some of the basics of getting started with PowerShell for SharePoint and time permitting look at a few more advanced topics around various task you can automate. I would love for you to join me! To get all the details about the event and to register (it’s free), head over to

If you are interested in digging even more into PowerShell and SharePoint, I also be speaking at the Live!360 Conference in Orlando, Florida that will be happening November 16 – 20 where I will be giving a much more in depth presentation on PowerShell and SharePoint as well as a session on PowerShell and Office 365/SharePoint Online! For more detail on that conference visit! To save $600 of the registration price by use the code LSPK78 when you register here –