I’m back to blogging after a bit of a lapse over the last month. I was busy with some client work as well as spending a week in Haiti helping out my sister and brother-in-law at the children’s home they run. I helped out with some of the kids; playing with them, feeding them, brushing their teeth, and just giving them some attention and love. I also did some networking and computer work for them while I was there to try to keep everything running smoothly. It’s a bit tricky down there with all the heat and dust and no AC to keep it cool or closed rooms to keep the dust out. Due to the privacy of the children, I’m limited to the pictures I can put up, but here are a couple of them that I can post.

Me working on some laptops, and yes, all the Coke down there is in glass bottles.

The view from the porch of my sibling’s apartment.

Our trip to Christof’s Citadel.

A Haitian Road

That gives you a little bit of an idea of my trip. If you want to see more pictures let me know and I can show them to you.

But back to work. I have some blog posts coming as soon as I get some time that will be on the subjects of InfoPath forms and getting around certain issues when creating an InfoPath form to deploy to Forms Services and filtering data queries as well as a post on deploying PerformancePoint to a SharePoint site collection. Stay tuned and I’ll have them up as soon as I can.