I’ll be speaking at Live! 360 Orlando, December 5-9. Surrounded by your fellow industry professionals, Live! 360 provides you with immediately usable training and education that will keep you relevant in the workforce.

My Sessions

I’ll be presenting the following sessions:

  • Implementing and Managing Office 365 – This sessions will be high level overview of Office 365. We’ll talk about Office 365 as a whole and things to think about when planning for and rolling out Office 365. Don’t expect too may technical details in this one.

  • Scripting SharePoint 2016 Tasks with PowerShell – This will be more more technical than the Office 365 session. We’ll spend pretty much the whole sessions in “demos” and looking at PowerShell. We’ll look at what’s new in SharePoint 2016 with PowerShell as well as how we can use PowerShell to automate certain tasks in SharePoint 2016.


As a speaker, I can extend $500 savings on the 5-day package using the code LSPK76. Register here: http://bit.ly/LSPK76_Home. Make sure to use the code when registering!

Specific Office 365 Deployment and Planning Questions? Have a task you want automated?

I want to make these sessions all about you and what you want to learn about.

If you are going to be at the conference and thinking about rolling out, or in the process of rolling out Office 365 and have a specific question; let me know in the comments or send it to me via the contact page and I’ll try to incorporate it into the session.

For PowerShell, the same things goes. If you have a specific question about PowerShell and SharePoint 2016 or a specific SharePoint On-Premises task automated, leave me a comment below or shoot me a message via the contact page and I’ll do my best to work that into my presentation as well.

All roads lead to Live! 360: the ultimate education destination! Bring the issues that keep you up at night and prepare to leave this event with the answers, guidance and training you need. Register now: http://bit.ly/LSPK76_Home