My week of vacation is finishedL I’m sitting in Salt Lake City Airport right now waiting for my return flight. I had a great time Kansas City with my girlfriend and our friends there. The trip from Kansas City to Salt Lake City on Wednesday was a little adventurous as Chicago canceled 1000 flights causing a chain reaction that affected my flight to Salt Lake. I eventually made it to Utah around 1:30 am Thursday morning. Once there it was an amazing 3 days on the slopes of Park City. They had lots of fresh snow and some of the best skiing I have ever done. I made it through fairly injury free. I have a few sore ribs from a fantastic face plant and I hit one tree (it was soft and didn’t result in any injuries). Other than that I’m just a little sore. I realized how longs it’s been since I’ve skied that hard, that many days in a row. I think that is about all to report for now. Here are a couple pictures from the mountain. For more you can go to my pictures pages or few them all on my Windows Live Space at!ECE5F1634A75726A!232/. The long skinny one is a panoramic photo from the very top of the mountain. It appears a lot smaller than it is, if you download it, it is roughly 19,000 px by 1,000 px and it is a 360 degree view from the peak (about a 30 minute hike in ski boots from the highest chair). I create the panoramic photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery. It works great and makes creating panoramic photos easy and does an excellent job at it!