I just received this list of Office 14 tidbits from my boss at EPC Group that he got from Peter Seale’s blog.  I haven’t seen anything official yet with respects to the new version of SharePoint outside of what you can find on Google.  Hopefully I’ll have more information soon.

Random Office 14 tidbits

Enterprise 2.0 conference SharePoint tidbits

SharePoint is the fourth bullet point: “they doubled the development teams on ECM and social software.”

SharePoint Lists improvements

SharePoint Lists may be stored as SQL Server tables. Question now is: what List functionality will still work on “SQL Server Lists”?

Ship date in 2009?

Microsoft FAQ includes the phrase “SharePoint 2009″…TWICE. Scandal!

Transcript of Bill Gates’ SPConference 2008 speech

Full transcript. This is where he announces “SQL Lists,” (not the official term) among other things.

SPConference 2008 writeup – Microsoft’s strategy for vNext

This writer indicates that Microsoft will be adapting community projects: “the best examples of these customizations will be included in future versions.”

MVP summit 2008 recap

“On Tuesday, the SharePoint MVPs had nearly 9 hours of sessions…another 9 hours of sessions on Wednesday…” Make sure to ask your MVP awkward questions like “Hey, isn’t this information under NDA?” Give them tiny heart attacks, it’s fun.

Access Web Access: Speculation

Personally I’d prefer they not extend Access to the web…again…maybe instead write a SharePoint query + reporting tool and call it “Access”? Maybe (hopefully) that’s what they’re doing.

The Bill Gates Interview

Embedded video—Access Web Access is discussed ~6 minutes in.

OOXML and PDF support

Vaguely claims Microsoft will “upgrade its support”—maybe we’re already seeing this with the recent release for Office 2007?

WinSuperSite Office 14 FAQ

Tailored primarily to the typical Office user, though it does offer a discussion of “6 focus points for Office 14” and links directly to an MS PPT on the subject.

64-bit only

Not surprising; 64-bit is the (short-term) future

The Future of Groove and SharePoint

Ray Ozzie hints that there will be increasing association between Groove and SharePoint.

Rampant speculation

Forrester’s educated guesses

…their guess is as good as mine. Specific mentions of “Enterprise 2.0.”

SharePoint vNext Rumors

Edin speculates on SharePoint vNext features.

The Next Version of SharePoint

Opinion piece; his guess is as good as mine