I promised a post once I get the infrastructure update installed, so here it is.  I actually built a brand new environment to get it all up and going.  My current test/development environment is now running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (x64), SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition (x64) and MOSS SP1 with Infrastructure Update (x64).  I also have SQL 2008 RC0 installed, although I’m not using it for anything right now.

The Infrastructure update was nice and simple.  I downloaded the x64 MOSS Infrastructure update, ran the installer and reran the SharePoint configuration wizard.  Everything went off without a hitch.  So far I haven’t discovered any bugs, although I haven’t played with the update too much yet.  I had seen some posts about problems with AAM, however, I have yet to find them.  I have one web application running with an internal URL and that is extended to an external URL.  So far no problems accessing either one.  Any bugs or problems I discover with the infrastructure update I’ll post as soon as I find them.

Currently I’m using my external URL simply so I can get to my server when I’m not in the office, however, I may expand it to contain other materials.  I will keep you all updated if I decided to take it further.