We at EPC Group have recently formed a partnership with Colligo a leading company in mobile collaboration products. The have recently released Colligo Reader for SharePoint as well as Colligo Contributor for SharePoint to better enable mobile users to collaborate on the SharePoint platform.

The SharePoint Reader “enables you to easily download content from SharePoint sites to your laptop so you can access the content offline, rather than having to copy files one by one through a browser. Colligo reader is completely free for personal (non-commercial) installation and very simple to use.”

The SharePoint Contributor “is an easy-to-deploy” .NET application that extends the power of Microsoft Office SharePoint to laptops, delivering a consistent online and offline SharePoint experience. It increases SharePoint adoption by enabling user to instantly and securely access, modify, and create content through a rich client interface.”

You can try out both products by clicking the links to the right, or learn more by contacting myself or visiting the Colligo Web Site