I’m back after way to long of not blogging.  I have a few posts to catch up on as well.  I was taking a little “vacation” a coupe of weeks ago up in Michigan to get my wisdom teeth removed.  It wasn’t a whole lot of fun, but I made it safely through and have recovered nicely.

As soon as I got back from vacation I had to travel to Houston, TX for work and spent the week there.  Upon returning home from Houston, my week this week was filled up with some Project Server training.  With all the SharePoitn work I’ve been doing, I’ve been getting more and more into Project Server 2007 as well and how it fits into SharePoint.  This week I finally decided to get some in depth training on it to help make me even a better consultant.  As I do more and more with Project Server don’t be surprised to if Project Server blog posts start showing up on here.

So, now that I’m done with all that, I decided I would take some time and update you on what I’ve been doing as well as get caught up on some overdue blog posts.