Today was the day for new PDF iFilter information to be posted.  First of all, Adobe FINALLY released their 64 bit iFilter for SharePoint, it can be download here.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but I have a 64 bit install all ready to try it on.  I’ll put up any additional info once I install it and try it out.  This leads me to my second announcement.

Before you rush out and download the Adobe version, if you have a lot of PDF files or are concerned about crawl times, you may want to check out the FOXIT PDF iFilter.  Here is a performance analysis of the 32 bit iFilter from Adobe and FOXIT: http://sharepointben/  Based on this analysis, I would be surprised to see similar results with the x64 bit version from FOXIT and Adobe will be similar.  The disadvantage of FOXIT however, is that you do have to purchase the iFilter where the one from Adobe is free.