Well, I’m back from San Francisco and SharePoint TechCon 2009.  It was very successful and people seemed to really enjoy it.  My presentations seemed to go well from my perspective…we’ll see what other thought when I get my feedback forms from the conference.  I had a few technical difficulties at the beginning of one presentation, but we were able to work through those and keep going.  It’s computers, what do you expect? 🙂

BZ Media is planning another conference in Boston June 22-24.  You can check out more details here.  Due to some other events I may have going on in June I’m not sure if I will be there or not.  I’ll keep you updated as plans evolve over the next few months.

As far as presentations go, all of the presentations I have given can be downloaded under the presentations section of this site.  I’ll keep this updated as hopefully I do more presentations in the future.