Yes, I really am catching up on my blog and writing about stuff I should have written earlier 🙂

At the SharePoint Technology Conference there were actually two keynotes.  One by Tom Rizzo, Director of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and one by Errin O’Connor, my boss, founder of EPC Group and author of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Inside Out.

Both were good keynotes, although I thought Errin’s was more beneficial, but I also may be partial.  Tom spoke to the SharePoint platform and where it is headed in terms of Azure and cloud computing, although not nearly up to everyone’s expectations on Office 14.  That was probably the largest disappointment of the conference.  About all we got was that Office 14 will have Excel Services type services for all the other Office Suite products and allow some editing of files directly in SharePoint.

Errin spoke to Calculating SharePoint’s ROI and its Impact on your business.  He illustrated and gave an example of it using one of our large clients and the process we used for calculating the ROI for them.  It spoke a lot more to the issues a lot of people are dealing with and need to know in order to get SharePoint up and running in their business.

Good jobs to both keynotes!! It was a great time and fun to listen to you both.