I’m currently running Windows 7 build 7057 on my MBP.  I recently update from build 7048.  However, I had the same problem in both build, my Broadcom wireless on my MacBook Pro would sporadically stop working.  Sometimes it would take a few minutes to fail, sometimes it would take hours.  Once it even kept working all night.  I was beginning to think I might have to roll back to build 7000.  I was wondering about updated driver, but was having problems find them.

Finally I found my answer, why scouring the forums, someone mentioned they used the latest Broadcom Drivers from the HP Site.  So, I gave it a shot and download this driver.  So far its been working great and I haven’t had an problems with my wireless.  Here is a screen shot of the latest drivers and version number.  I’ll update this post if I discover any problems.


On another note, it would be great if Apple would keep up with these Windows drivers as well.  I know…the MBP is supposed to be fore Mac OS, but there are more and more people running Windows on their Mac’s and boot camp just isn’t being updated regularly enough to have the most recent Windows drivers.  Either boot camp needs more regular updates or Apple should provide Windows driver downloads on their site.