How many times have you had an unsuccessful SharePoint deployment?  Being on consultant you would be surprised how many times I’ve heard a similar story to: “We have SharePoint, we installed it and because of [insert reason for failure here], it didn’t go well.  Will you come in and help us implament it correctly this time.”

Well, recently Joel Oleson wrote an article for SharePoint Magazine entitled “Avoid Newbie Mistakes: 10 Steps to Successful SharePoint Deployments

The 10 Steps Joel gives are:

  1. Confront Reality
  2. Create a Governance Plan
  3. Get an Exec Sponsor
  4. Create the Dream Team
  5. Build Services not Stuff
  6. Define Clear Policies and Standards
  7. Invest in a Scalable Information Architecture
  8. Don’t forget Change Management
  9. Adoptoin is What Counts
  10. Keep it Simple

For all the details and Joel’s expanded explanation of all these points and how they assist with your SharePoint deployment.  Head over to SharePoint Magazine and check out his article.

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